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Paltiya Garden Art

Bowen center for the Arts

August14-September 18th

Come and learn how to create beautiful garden  Fairy house with durable Paltiya good for all seasons.  We will let it cure and then in the second session will paint it

Pal Tiya workshop
Sacramento October 2019.
Pal Tiya works like clay that air hardens as concrete to create

3-D substrates that are easy to manipulate, strong and once cured

for 7 days for indoor pieces and 28 days for outdoor weatherproff.

                         Paltiya will be ready to add mosaic to its surface. Your armature

(internal            support structure) can be made with cardboard and tin foil,

perfect f            or beginners and great fun for intermediate students that want

to push f           or more complex forms. Participants will learn the basics of

Pal Tiya            mixing, create up to 3 small armatures, one with foil, foam

and mes           mesh and will  cover them with the first layers of Pal Tiya.

Additiona            Adittionlly, you will receive information about tooling, sanding

and finis            finishes as well as have 5lb of material to experiment during

the wor             the workshop and add more details later at their home, building

layers as           layers asyou desire since it doesn’t have a time constraint,

making it           better than concrete and less heavy. Most of the workshop

workshop          will be hands on but very informational of processes and finishes. 


Maria h

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Paltiya workshop garden fairy house at the Bowen Center for the Arts, Dawsonville GA in August 14 and September 18


October 26-27 paltiya workshop Sacramento 2019

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