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Pal Tiya workshop at SAMA 2019.
As part of the Society of Mosaic Artists Conference 2019 in Nashville, I will offer a workshop on Pal Tiya, an exciting easy material to use, this sculpture media that does not require molds, kilns, or heavy armatures. You can use regular clay tools and build any type of volume you would like to work with. great for representational up to abstract forms. This is a great substrate for mosaic.
Participants will learn the basics of Pal Tiya mixing, curing, and finishes by creating a small armature and covering it with the first layer of Pal Tiya. Participants will have 2lbs of Pal Tiya to experiment with during the workshop and at home. While curing Pal Tiya can be sculpted, tooled, carved and chiseled. Once cured for a minimum of 5 days Pal Tiya can go outside in any weather.

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Visiting Artists at Western kentucky university

2019 SAMA Paltiya Workshop in Nashville

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