Hand to Hand H2H collective traveling exhibition

My week was from December 4th through the 9th of 2006.

I thought that instead of my interpretation of the news giving by the media it would be a good experience to communicate with someone that was living it.

I made contact with a 21 year old marine in the USS Boxer through one of my students. It gave me a glimpse for that week of what he could tell me about those days and the people that experienced with him. This opportunity open my eyes about this young people that volunteer to serve the country have the same dreams of education and for their future as any of the students that I have in the classroom. The difference is that they have been exposed to a situation that will be life changing.............

On my artwork the intention was to represent these individuals standing on the boat each with its inner light (spirit) common to all of us. Some of them probably knew what they were going to face and others probably never imagine it. Who could when you are in war




What's New


Wave substrates using Pal tiya May 17th-18th Spruill Center for the Arts

Wave substrates using Pal Tiya  premium


Create 3 wave substrates using Paltiya, very light weight  but strong material that you can use indoor or outdoors.



Arrowmont  June 6-11 Paltiya a Game Changer

This workshop will benefit students who are interested in an easy-to-use sculpture media to create 3D forms that do not require molds, kilns, or heavy armature. Pal Tiya is a nontoxic material which works like clay that air hardens as concrete. Participants will discover the basics of Pal Tiya mixing and using other forms as support to create thin shells. You will also learn to create different textures, tooling, sanding, and finishes. The workshop will be a combination of hands-on learning and exploration of process images and finishes. It is perfect for beginners and for intermediate students who want to push for more complex forms. Open to all skill levels.


Online classes

Introduction to Pal tiya

This class is in  Mosaic Arts online and is available for anyone to enroll from the comfort of their home, with step by step videos and also extra bonus material at the end.

Pal Tiya is a wonderful material easy to use for the creation of your mosaic substrates.


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