Zipa Zaque

Observers from the past standing for wisdom intelligence and the swift power of thought and soul chiefs form my ancestors that lived in colombian mountains


This sculpture has been explored in different mediums. One is cast in bronze as a goldn color used in the rituals covered in gold ehre the leyend of El dorado came from. The other is a concrete casting and finished with glass reflective mosaic.



What's New


Beginner  Stained Glass Tuesdays 10AM -1:00 PM Sep 20-Nov 08  Fridays 6:00 PM -9:00 PM Sep 23-Nov 11 Spruill Center for the Arts



Learn the art of stained glass using the foil technique. In this fun class, I will demonstrate how to cut, grind, foil and solder glass. student will create betwee 2 to 4 projects.



Stained Glass Lamp making class Sep 20-Nov 08 from 2:00PM-5:00PM Spruill Center for the Arts

We will be learning the how to create basic shape lamps in stained glass using the foil
technique. We would learn how to solder in different angles to close the lamp form. This
class is for intermediate students that are familiar with cutting, grinding, and soldering. We
will work in the creation of one lamp


Online classes

Introduction to Pal tiya

This class is in  Mosaic Arts online and is available for anyone to enroll from the comfort of their home, with step by step videos and also extra bonus material at the end.

Pal Tiya is a wonderful material easy to use for the creation of your mosaic substrates.


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